Branded Content w/ Purpose

(Sponsored Non-Profit Hero Projects)


A regional branch of Wells Fargo sponsored a series of videos that we were able to produce for Eva’s Village in Paterson, NJ. We still believe it’s the best marketing money they’ve spent all year… but you be the judge.

Bond Street Mortgage, an incredibly patriotic mortgage and loan company, was the proud sponsor of NPO Hero Backpacks For Life’s About Video

PBF Energy was the hero to this NPO hero funding their brand new, high level About Video that they continue to premier at their fundraising events and galas.




NJ Premier Fashion Show

A 15-Piece Social Media Campaign rounding out with a high-energy Hero Event piece.

Men’s Fashion
W/ A Master Tailor

A 2-Part Digital and Social Media Campaign with a heartfelt Hero About and some classic Vignettes.

Award Winning Campaign

Contest Video, Social Media Squares, Semi-Finalists Trailers & the culmination piece.



From TV commercials, to Drone, to Billboards in Timesquare . . .
we've been everywhere and done it all.


Promotional Videos that tell a story


An outward-facing sales tool for our friends at Univision

Art and culture come to New Jersey at the incomparable NIFF… and we got to do the promo

Dr. Stephanie M. Cohen interviews her business partner Dr. Richard Winters as we break the 4th wall


Product & Company Launch video with SEEN

When a veteran created a backpack for homeless vets, we went to North Carolina to tell the story

Total Health & Peak Medical Services joined forces and used video to tell the world.


One of the NICU stories from Stamford Health, CT

Roofing might sound boring, but the visuals… Oh! The visuals, in this promo piece for CRS Roofing

Dr. Richard Winters, in the second of four total pieces, interviewing Dr. Stephanie Cohen


We've got the sickest DRONE team


Wicked Good Drone of Boston

New York Skyline… Fuhgettaboutit

I don’t know, something about oranges. Enjoy!


Prefer the Elevator Pitch?  Check out Our Reels


Our 2017 Production Reel (but you should see the new stuff)

An OTT (Over-the-Top) Television Show that genuinely exists

Our 2018 Animation Reel