The STOry

Growing up in Vittoria, Sicily, Sal Lauretta learned the tricks of the men’s tailoring trade from his father Raffaele. Little did Sal and his father know then that the art of this classic European tailoring style would be their ticket to success in a new land. Today, Sal Lauretta for Men has expanded to be widely known as northern New Jersey’s premiere specialty menswear shop and tailor and helping to spread their services and story has been a unique privilege.


The Social Campaign

Depending on the Social platform, a teaser video is a great way to inspire visitors to take action. These types of videos can help you generate buzz by teasing out longer form content. The trick is in knowing your platform, creating the right content, and then sharing it out to the right people. For this mini-social campaign we created three social “gives.” Essentially, three informational videos that educate and inspire the audience concerning fashion and small business excellence.


From the Mouth of a Master

From the Mouth of a Master


From the Mouth of a Master


The Social Snackables

In today’s busy age of millennials, brands have a huge opportunity to generate results by planting little, snackable seeds that can grow into larger forms of engagement. The average millennial is spending 5.4 hours on social media per day, and that time is largely spread out in short stints of scrolling. By creating short-form, snackable content, today’s brands are engaging millennials on their terms.

Generally speaking, snackable media is geared toward the mobile consumer. Whether they’re in line for coffee, in the elevator, waiting for a ride share, or taking care of that post coffee ritual, the odds of someone seeing your content during these times are increasing rapidly. We created these quick and consumable snackable videos to make sure that the right content was getting to the right eyes at the right time. Snack away!


It’s worth waiting for.

Style is in the details.

Welcome to the family.

Good taste is timeless.

Make it look effortless.

Dress like you’ve arrived.