Branded Content (w/ Purpose)


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BRANDED CONTENT - Any form of advertising that uses “content” to support, represent or promote a product or service (eg. “The following is brought to you by ____________”).  

BRANDED CONTENT W/ PURPOSE- Sponsored stories of hope & redemption from a Non-Profit “hero” that are branded with the business’ name & logo.

THE RESULTS - A mini digital media campaign (used by both the NPO and the Sponsor on their various digital platforms - social media, e-mail & website) with content that engages, entertains & serves a greater good.



Whether you’re B2C or B2B, it’s a consumer's market & people don’t like to be told, “do this” or “buy this.”  Today we get to choose the media we consume & if we’re going to pay attention to it. Consumers are voting with their dollars.  Every dollar spent is a vote for the type of world they want to live in.

Now, businesses have to “earn” the right to talk about themselves and giving people a window into their heart for the social good actually accomplishes some amazing things:

  • Companies that show they have a clear social purpose have grown 26% since 2016. [Kantar Futures, 2018]

  • 95% of millennials say they would change businesses or brands if they showed involvement in a clear social cause. [Kantar Futures, 2018]

  • 64% of employees (millennial to gen z) either won’t take or won’t stay at a job or company where they don’t feel plugged into social change. [CRS Brand Study, 2018]



Through an initiative that we like to call “The Hero Collectors.” The Hero Collectors is the cause-based video production & marketing collective of Beard & Bowler. We team up with forward-thinking & socially responsible Brands who are looking to or who are already partnering with Non-Profit Organizations. We then take the stories of triumph that come out of the “Hero” NPO and create original, authentic, cinematic, documentary-style branded content campaigns for the Brands.

  • Step 1 - We identify the non-profit “Hero” (Sponsor suggestions welcome)

  • Step 2 - We find the right success story with the Hero & match it to a Sponsor

  • Step 3 - The Sponsor funds the production of the non-profit’s Hero story (video)

  • Step 4 - Branded video premiers (for both Hero & Sponsor)