Awards… Psht! But the Results!!!

When the nation's largest state employer association, the NJBIA, wanted to engage the unreached business owners of New Jersey, we were able to partner with one of our favorite agencies, the DSM Group, to create an award winning digital campaign and video contest that garnished some serious client results.



Unique Video





The user-generated video content and social marketing around this campaign drove hundreds of thousands of social impressions in only 60 days. With a large number of newly interested businesses eager to win this prize, the NJBIA experienced a level of engagement not seen before from their core demographic audience. All of this contributed to a dramatic change in perception for a brand looking to make their mark.


Spreading the message


Remember the Brady Bunch?

This 9-Panel series of videos, while launched separately on various social channels, lived on the landing page of the NJBIA Big Shot contest as an original homage to Mike, Carol, Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobbie, Cindy and who can forget Alice.

Let’s face it… no one can turn down a bald dude in a blue blazer.

Shiny Problems

Ferris Bueller


Boom Guy

Your Time!

Make it Rain

I Don’t Smoke

Spa Day

The Callout


The Finalists

The campaign asked businesses, big and small, across New Jersey, to submit user-generated videos to make a case for one big shot to learn from the best. Engagement was the goal, and as the submissions rolled in, panelists elected 3 semi-finalists and kept the content rolling, taking everyone on a video journey of not only the services offered by the NJBIA, but also the stories of a sampling of businesses they serve.


Finalist - ServPro

Finalist - Kingsway Learning Center

Finalist - Jersey Girls Food Tours


The Winner Is…

One might argue that the real winner was the client based on the ongoing results of the campaign effort, but one lucky business was also awarded the consulting time and the cash. While the competition is over, the story lives on for the NJBIA, all thanks to making the right noise at the right time, with the right team. In the grand finale, we go full-circle through the contest and reveal the winner of the $15,000 and the invaluable consulting services of experts from the NJBIA.