Eva’s Village, located in Paterson, NJ, raised funds through their 9th Annual 'Behind the Seams' Fashion Show and we created a digital campaign to bring in nearly 400 guests, sponsors, hosts and volunteers. With an assist from the branded content campaign the Fashion Show brought this NPO over the $1,000,000 mark for funds raised since 2009! All proceeds support Eva's life-saving and life-changing programs that help us connect individuals in need to our community of care.


Are you ready?

Don’t Blink

THE event planner!!!


The Corporate Sponsors

As you can imagine, an event like this takes more than just a few well meaning volunteers. Eva’s Village has strategically partnered with some incredible local businesses to turn this fundraising event into the MUST attend social event in Northern New Jersey and it couldn’t be a more perfect fit (and I’m not just talking about marketing).

  • Bottagra Restaurant - The event location and the incredible food. Bottagra is northern NJ's go to Italian restaurant, serving Chef-Owners Carlo Carbonaro and Robert Vicari's uncomplicated modern Italian menu.

  • The DSM Group - The marketing material and the pizzazz. The DSM Group is an innovative, award winning marketing agency that understands the power of branded content and how to leverage it better than the rest.

  • Sal Lauretta for Men - The men’s fashion and bringing the BOOM. Sal Lauretta for Men delivers unmatched excellence in men’s tailoring. Known as the best men’s tailor in Bergen County and northern New Jersey.

  • Boutique 811 - The women’s fashion and the WOW factor. Boutique 811 is the premier fashion destination for women, carries the largest inventory of high-end fashion wear in New Jersey, curated from all over the world.


The Sponsored Campaign

These four incredible businesses saw an opportunity to take their efforts for Eva’s Village, through this Fashion Show Fundraising event, and beef up their own marketing efforts. They approached us and we were able to create 15 snackable social pieces, a distribution plan, strategic copy, and a fully coordinated engagement team that took our video campaign and blew this event out of the stratosphere. The beauty of this content…

  • The Non-Profit reached the substantially larger audience of the businesses, securing new donors and ultimately higher donations prior to, during, and after the event.

  • The Businesses started to engage conversationally with new clients through a fun and visually stunning branded content campaign… no hard sell.

  • We got some incredible footage and a lot of mind-blowing food.

  • And, it’s still delivering returns



Taste it


Heart meets Fashion

Animal magnetism



The Pro

The King

The Star Power

The Papparazzi



Not on social


Lapse it

A gentleman


The Grand Finale

The finale piece, which still lives on the Non-Profit’s event landing page (and everywhere on Social Media) brought the campaign home with a full, visual retelling of the incredible event. Sponsors appeared organically throughout the final video, seamlessly tying in the businesses and their generous involvement with our Non-Profit Hero. All in all… it’s pretty epic.